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When a newly married couple came to my next house, I became friends with my sister-in-law. One day when I went to his house, half the teats were visible from his tight blouse, Indian Bhabi.

Hello Friends, My name is Rohan and I am from Jodhpur in Rajasthan. I am 21 years old, I am good looking and fair. My body is also fine.

This is the case when a new family came to live in the house next to us. Both of them were husband and wife. His wife was a very fair and very figure. Looking at him, water started coming out of my cock.

I went to the terrace one day only after three days of my sister-in-law’s arrival in the neighborhood. I noticed that the sister-in-law was roaming on the roof above. I sat upstairs. His and our roof were mixed together. That sister-in-law came to me and asked my name0, Indian Bhabi.

I said- My name is Rohan… and what is your name?

When I asked his name, he called his name Saloni.

I started calling him Saloni Desi Bhabhi. She kept talking to me for a long time. Where all the goods are found near the locality and where is it, she was very much open to me by talking about all these things.

After some time she left. My rooftop was successful. When I saw his mad pussy, I was mad. Bhabhi’s aunts were the pride of her youth.

The next day, I reached the terrace again at the same time. After some time sister-in-law also came.

She again came smiling towards me and started talking to me with my name.

In this way, our talks started slowly. On my asking, she told me that her husband is in the post of a manager in a hotel. He is from Bihar, he has just got a new marriage. This is how our daily talks started.

One day he called me to his house because his sister had to get some goods from the market. I went to the sister-in-law’s house. They gave me money with a list of goods… Indian Bhabi.

I came home with that stuff in a while. The door of his house was open. When I went inside the house to keep the luggage, I noticed that the sister-in-law was looking very hot in the sari. She was doing some work due to which her pallu was dropped and I saw more than half of her nipples with her tight blouse.

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My cock cracked as soon as I saw her sister’s pussy.

I gave voice to my sister-in-law. So the sister-in-law got up and looked at me and smiled and said- Hey when have you come. I could not see it.

I said – I have just arrived, sister-in-law.

I gave him all the goods and the rest of the money and started going. Then sister-in-law told me to sit down.

I sat down.

Sister-in-law brought water for me and started bowing down. As soon as the sister-in-law gave me a glass of water, the pallu of her sari fell down again and the line of her thick mummies started to appear from inside her bra. I was sweating profusely. Tits of my sister were driving me crazy…Indian Bhabi.

Sister-in-law also saw me stroking her pussy. Then after a while, my sister-in-law recovered and sat down near me.

Our talks started.

Then the law asked me if I would have a girlfriend in your class?

I said – Oh no sister-in-law… I do not have a girlfriend.

Sister-in-law laughed and said what to hide from me… now tell me.

I said – Hey sister-in-law, I have no girlfriend.

Sister-in-law looking at my cock said – well… look cool, why not?

I said – this is not the case… what is it that I have not found any kind of girl to date.

Sister-in-law smiled and started saying – did not get good style… By the way, many of the clumsy ones would have been found.

I was hesitant and just stammered and started saying- “You are joking … I did not find any girl.”

He said- Hey why are you nervous… will get… Tell me what kind of girl you want.

My courage was increased by his talk and I also did not know in which jaw, I told my sister that if you meet someone like you, then you feel good.

The sister-in-law, while moving her pallu here and there, gave a glimpse of Mmmm and said- Well… I like you so much?

I also looked at their mothers and said- Yes, I have liked you ever since you came… but if you are married then how could you do anything.

Sister-in-law started laughing at me.

Suddenly, my mother’s call came and I went home by saying, sister-in-law.

We could not talk about this for 3-4 days.

Then on the fifth-day sister-in-law came to our house and she told my mother- Today my husband has gone out for 3 days… I am alone at home. We have come here newcomers, so a little scared at night. If you do not have any problem, can you send Amit to sleep in our house for 3 days and nights? Indian Bhabi.

After listening to her, the mother said – Yes, we do not have any problem, Amit will come to your house at night and if there is any other problem besides this, please tell.

Sister-in-law refused and said – Philahal was my only problem, which you have solved.

Then the mother called me in front of Indian Bhabi and told her to go to sleep at her sister’s house at night, she is alone at home.

I said looking at Saloni’s sister-in-law, yes okay mother, I will leave.

Now I was sure that something must happen to me. Then I went to his house at nigh

As soon as I played the bell of the sister-in-law’s house, Saloni’s sister-in-law opened the door. On seeing them, my senses flew away. What was the destruction in the sister-in-law Maxi?

I came in looking at him with seductive eyes.

Sister-in-law said that you should sleep with me in my bedroom.

I said – okay.

I went to their bedroom. Our talks started happening.

Just then I said to my sister-in-law, you both look very good. Only then do you both feel happy.

On hearing this, my sister-in-law became depressed and she started crying when I asked.

I somehow silenced them and asked the reason for crying.

Sister-in-law said while sobbing – Your brother is not able to keep me happy.

I used clear words from him asking the meaning of ‘Can not keep you happy ..’ – you mean that he is not able to keep you happy in sex.

Sister-in-law… They fall in a short while and sleep on the other side.

Saying so much, my sister-in-law started crying again and started crying her head with my head.

I filled them in my arms and started silencing them. With the arrival of my sister-in-law in my arms, she was completely stuck with me. His cunts were giving me great pleasure in my chest. I was enjoying the joy of his youth by turning his hand on his back.

Sister-in-law also stuck to me tightly and started crying. Then I put his face in front of my face and started wiping the tears flowing from his eyes. Sister-in-law was looking at me with longing, Indian Bhabi. His tears had started to decrease and then I moved my lips forward. Sister-in-law felt my hot breaths and just turned her lips towards my lips. I mixed his lips with his lips and started lip-smacking them.

She also started supporting me. She was supporting me as if she was already ready for all this.

While kissing her sister-in-law, I also started turning my hands on her mummies, due to which she started heating up.

I said – sister, how hot are you.

He said – do not call me sister-in-law.

I said – OK my dear Saloni.

Sister-in-law smiled and she also started calling me Janu.

We both hugged and started loving each other.

By now I had removed his maxi. With this, I also took off my sister-in-law’s bra. Their thick mummies were freed like orange pigeons. I took a mother-in-law’s mother in my mouth and started sucking.

Indian Bhabi Story

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Then Saloni’s sister-in-law started filling the alcoholic cesareans – come and go Oh, oh suck it, suck it all over… now, these are your oranges.

While sucking the mother-in-law’s mother-in-law, I extended one hand towards her pussy. I put my hand inside his panty. I saw that her pussy had left the water.

I came down to kiss her sister-in-law and put my face on her pussy. This made his Siskaris more – ah ooh ooh ahum aa rip do… tear-off… I have been thirsty since… today you quench the thirst of my pussy.

I said – Saloni baby, now I will never let you be thirsty… anytime.

I was licking her sister-in-law’s pussy, then her pussy left the water and I drank all that water.

Now I asked them to take their cocks in their mouths, so they quickly took cocks in their mouths and started sucking.

After a while, my water also came out and my cock shrank.

He looked at my withered cock once and started taking it back in his mouth… which made the cock stand again.

Now sister-in-law said, Baby, don’t torture me anymore … Now rip my pussy.

I put a pillow under their clits and was setting my Aloda. Then he took out a condom from under the mattress and put it on my cock.

I set the position and made a loud push.

My cock licked inside the law. A scream came out of his mouth – Ummah… Ahhh… Hah… Jah…

I put my lips on her lips, then she fell silent.

I went to fuck my sister-in-law. After two minutes, the sister-in-law also started having fun and she also started picking up her ass with pleasure and started taking cocks inside.

After 15-20 minutes of fucking, Saloni Indian bhabhi is pussy left the water. But I kept on fucking. A few minutes after that, I too left my semen in a condom and stayed on top of them.

That night I had Choada three times. In those three nights, my sister-in-law had become the lover of my cock. Now whenever we come to mind, we both enjoy sex.

Friends, how did you like our sister-in-law’s sex story.

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